Bramping Time-lapse: Part 1

This week I finally started testing my recently acquired Promote Control. This is my first foray into day to night (and vice versa) transitions during time-lapse. I will be documenting all of my tests here for my own future reference and to hopefully help someone else out with getting into the "Holy Grail" of time-lapse.

The First Setup: at Herberger Theatre in Downtown Phoenix

Modified using Camera Raw

Sunset: 7:41 pm

Civil Twilight: 8:09 pm

Nautical Twilight: 8:44 pm

Astronomical Twilight: 9:23 pm

Camera Settings:

f/5.6 | ISO 100

Promote Settings:

Start Exposure: 1/6 | Interval: 15 sec | End Exposure: 25 sec | Ramp Duration: 1 hr 41 min 

Promote settings.

Unedited 25 second exposure. This is what the ramping was originally headed for and it is far too bright.

I started the ramping right at sundown, with the intention of it ending right at astronomical twilight. About halfway through the sequence I realized that the ending exposure would be way too bright. I used the live modification feature on the promote to start reducing the final exposure but it was too late to get the effect I really wanted. This is a bit of tough spot for exposure because there is no direct lighting on the side of the sculptures that are facing the camera and the fancy streetlights are very bright.


What I Would Do Next Time:

Simulated 5 sec exposure 25 minutes after Civil Twilight.

Next time at this location I will set the ending exposure to be 5 seconds. I will also have the ramping end approximately 20 - 25 minutes after civil twilight begins because the ambient light was so bright here that past that point you couldn't see much of the sky anyway.

The unedited (no color correction, de-flickering, etc.) assembly. 

From the Keys

Last week I had the opportunity for a very quick trip to the Florida Keys after finishing a job on the mainland. I put most of my focus into my 360° video rig but still took the time to do some still photos. I only had about 36 hours in the keys and I spent most of it in Key West running around seeing what type of trouble I could get into, photographically speaking that is :-)


This panorama of the port was one of the images that came from this trip, I will have several more images / videos popping up in the next few weeks.